Oiko Social

Oiko Social is a company committed to delivering a great service to all our clients. Established in 2015, we are still quite young but definitely not inexperienced. Our hard-working team is professional and always willing to go the extra mile, making sure they always deliver with excellence.


Our mission is to help our clients make full use of the internet and social media platforms to market their business, talents, products, music, books, etc.


We envision each one of our clients being at the top of their respective industries.

Social Media Services

  • Articles for your website
  • SEO
  • Social Media management- Twitter, Facebook & Instagram
  • Marketing- on social media platforms and online
  • Press Releases- for print, online and social media publication
  • Social Media Campaigns- Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

Event Management Services

  • Organize your event- Venue, Tickets/Invitations, Marketing, Music, Catering, etc.

Email address: oikosocial@outlook.com

Phone: 072 7869 350

Twitter: @oikosocial

Facebook: Oiko Social

Instagram: @oikosocial


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