#FollowTheEntrepreneur: Grant Vanderwagen & Elizabeth Crockett

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Grant Vanderwagen (23) and Elizabeth Crockett (22) are the founders of The Social Vibe. They are a team of professionals that search for innovation, create opportunity and collaborate with like-minded people to reach a common goal.

1. What made you decide to start The Social Vibe?

We like to think of ourselves as the exception, the ones who don’t fit very well into the ‘norm’. To us, we would rather work towards our own dreams and goals rather than someone else’s. That being said we do still find the value in learning from those that have already been through the process. One of the biggest reasons for starting TSV is that we wanted to collaborate with like-minded individuals to assist each other in reaching a common goal.

2. Where did the name come from?

We love all things social and believe that is where our best ideas come from. If you look at work in the world today, it has never been more social, events, meetings, summits, it all use to be so formal and prim & proper, now its all about networking and “the social vibe.”

3. As young entrepreneurs, who/what inspires you?

We’re inspired by the people around us, our friends, our families and every individual that has supported us and helped us on this Journey. We are inspired by creativity and innovation, connecting and networking, and by the small joys in life; sunsets, shooting stars and good ice cream.

4. What are some of the negatives of running your own business?

As young entrepreneurs, the workload definitely puts a bit of stress on us but we manage that with positive vibes. We both currently have fulltime jobs so another issue would be time. Time to have meetings, time to reply to clients, and time to get the everyday tasks done.

5. What impact does your business currently have on the environment in which it functions?

TSV is a platform that will showcase the best innovation that is coming out of South Africa, Africa and the rest of the world. We’re on a mission to accelerate the innovation process by searching for innovative ideas and brands. That being said we want to assist those innovations by linking them with funding. We have created a platform that makes it easier for angel investors and venture capitalists to find that next successful venture, we also have a private investors list that encourages investors to collaborate with us so that we can update them on new innovative ideas that get showcased on TSV.

6. What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs out there?

Before you start your own business make sure you know what you getting yourself into, know that this isn’t a game, it’s the real deal. Your business is a long-term investment and if you want to achieve the goals you set out for yourself, it all comes down to hard work and dedication. Ask questions when you are looking for answers and build business relationships with like-minded individuals that are willing to help and guide you along the way.

7. What are your future plans?

We are big dreamers, so to us the plans for the future are pretty large (take over the world sort of thing). But on the more realistic side, we hope to take the company global and become the go-to source for linking entrepreneurs with investors, an online platform that showcases the world’s most innovative ideas, that is TSV.

Follow Grant, Elizabet and The Social Vibe on Twitter: @Grant_VDWagen, @liz_croc, @TheSocialVibeSA
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