#FollowTheEntrepreneur: Gwen Kloppers

Gwen Kloppers is the founder of Xtraordinary Women, a platform that Leads, Inspires, Supports and Recognises Entrepreneurs in South Africa.

1. Why did you decide to start your business?

I resigned from a very successful corporate career of 19 years to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and living out my purpose. Xtraordinary Women was born out of my passion to create a community and platform for Xtraordinary Women to do extraordinary things.

I began Xtraordinary Women to inspire women to live their lives on purpose as I am passionate about women and helping them turn their dreams into reality.

Being Self-Employed for 8 years and running two successful companies, I understand the challenges women face when trying to find their purpose and start a business whilst maintaining a balanced life.

2. What impact has running a business had on you and the community in which you operate?

Xtraordinary Women provides support to women entrepreneurs and women in the corporate sector wanting to follow their dreams. I believe that providing support to these women makes an impact on the community. It is difficult being an entrepreneur and support is a key component to ensuring success. Running Xtraordinary Women has had a huge impact on my life. I am so inspired by the tenacity of the women in business; it gives me the courage and drive to continue to grow my business

3. Would you say that your business is a success?

We have continued to grow over the years. We now have 5 chapters in the Western Cape and due to popular demand, we are expanding into other provinces soon. For me, if our entrepreneurs grow, we are a success. I believe it takes a community to grow a business, so if one succeeds, we all succeed.

4. What do you think are the top 5 most important qualities every entrepreneur should have?

Tenacity, unwavering Passion, Resourcefulness, Perseverance, Humility

5. Who is your role model?

As with so many, Richard Branson. He does not let failure get him down.

6. Do you think it is important for entrepreneurs to have a mentor?

Absolutely. Finding one though is not always easy as finding the right mentor is key.

7. What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Ask for advice where ever you can and surround yourself with people that support your dreams. You are not meant to know it all. Don’t do everything yourself! Get the right people in to help you.

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